A Very Special Mother’s Day Gift

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If you’re thinking your Mom or that special woman in your life doesn’t want a kitchen appliance for Mother’s Day, think again. I’m not talking about just another kitchen appliance, I’m talking about the Vitamix.  Every woman would love a Vitamix in her kitchen, but most women won’t spend the money on one.  That’s why it would be a very special gift.  It’s something they would definitely want and appreciate because it will be something very special to have it in their kitchen.

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The Vitamix is the blender you’ll see on most cooking shows.  It has a 2.2 powerful horsepower motor.  You’ll often see demonstrations in Whole Foods where they demonstrate all the different functions and capabilities of this wonder machine. They are usually demonstrating how to make delicious smoothies or ice cream with samples for tasting.  

These high performance blenders are made in Columbus Ohio and must pass a a very strict quality control inspection before leaving the factory. The Professional Series 750 has 5 programmed settings. You can chop and mix ingredients exactly like you want them. The 64 ounce container is perfect for preparing large meals and it is PBA free. 

There is a full seven year warranty on this product.  It also comes with an instructional video and a recipe book. 

bowl of soupYou’ll be amazed at everything you can make in this “blender”.  Some favorites are ice cream and fresh homemade peanut butter  and almond butter (you don’t need oil).  You can even make hot soup–just add your ingredients and set the hot soup button and walk away–come back to soup ready to serve.

It even has a cleaning setting.  Just add soap and water and set the cleaning button.  All you need to do is rinse out the container and set on a dishcloth to dry. Unbelievable! 

There is an opening in the top of the lid that can be used to add more ingredients during the blending process. 


So if the woman on your list for Mother’s Day wants to start eating healthier, this is the help she is looking for.  It also makes great pasta sauces, guacamole, purees , hummus,  and salad dressings. She will love it for juicing because the fibers are still in the juice so you get the full benefit of your veggies. 

The powerful machine pulverizes everything.  If your old smoothies had the flax seeds at the bottom on the container, you won’t see a trace of them in the Vitamix container.

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You will not be sorry you bought the Vitamix Professional 750. There is nothing else that compares with the quality. Vitamix is known for top notch customer service.

It is worth every penny!

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