16 inch Carbon Steel Wok with Helper Handle

16in carbon steel wokcheck pricesThis is about as close as you will get to an authentic wok.  The traditional woks are made of carbon steel.  This is a sturdy wok because it is made of heavy 14 gauge quality steel.  The cool thing about this wok is that it comes in both a flat and a round bottom.  With the price so reasonable, you could order one of each to see which bottom you like the best.

The flat bottom is designed especially for an electric cook top or a ceramic cook top.  That way you take full advantage of the flat form of heat.  The flat bottom can also be used on a gas cook top but the round bottom wok is made especially for a gas cook top because the flames can lap around the sides.  Wok cooking is always done with a high heat.

Chinese CookbookYou can also purchase a lid for this wok separately. The wok is 4 inches deep.  It is 16 inches wide.  If you read the introductory to wok cooking, you might remember a 16 inch wok is really large and can serve up to 12 people.  If ordering a lid, make sure you order the correct size.

This wok must be seasoned before use.  If you have had any experience with a seasoned cast iron skillet you will know how wonderful they are to cook with.  With any seasoned pan, the cleanup is quick and easy, but there is a special way to clean it and it must never be put in a dishwasher.

This wok is also available in a 12 inch size that feeds up to 5 people and a 14 inch size that feeds 6 to 12 people.

You will notice that there are 2 handles on the wok that are made out of wood.  One handle is to control the wok and the other is to guide it when trying to slant it to get all the food evenly cooked.

If you will notice, under the picture of the wok are supplemental items you can purchase to make a “professional wok chef” dinner.  There is a lid, a ring, a whisk, and a spatula.


Wok CookingAll customers gave this wok the highest rating possible.  One commented that she did buy one smaller than the 16 inch because she wasn’t feeding that many people.  Some customers commented on how well the wok was constructed and it was very sturdy.  One customer actually compared it with a shopping trip to the Asian market, and this wok was better priced and sturdier.

Someone that has cooked with a wok over their lifetime also bought several of the items that could be purchased separately and said this wok was the best of any they have worked with.  They also commented that the seasoning instructions were included with the wok and they were clear and precise.

Set UpAnother owner that bought the larger size liked it because it was easy to move around and cook in.  I actually think there is an advantage to the larger size even if cooking for just a few people.  The larger size makes it easier to keep the food from “jumping” out of the pan.  They also said that it was really easy to clean (that is because it was seasoned correctly).


Wok DinnerOne problem mentioned is if you purchase the 16 inch wok, you need a large sink to wash it in.  I didn’t quite understand that because you can always put it at a slant and it works just fine.


I would recommend this wok because it is an authentic wok that will give you the true experience of real wok cooking.

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  • This heavy 14-gauge wok is an easy and fun to use.
  • The natural, blond, wooden handle and side spool handle allows the cook full command of the wok.
  • Wok measures 4? in depth.
  • Cooking recommendations: 12? for up to 5 people, 14? for 6 to 12 people, and 16? for over 12 people.
  • Wok lids available, sold separately.