10 Free Low Calorie and Low Fat One Pot Meal Recipes

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 Hand Picked Just For You By Lisa 

We all know the ease and deliciousness of cooking one pot meals.  They are usually healthy because they contain fresh vegetables.  We are all delighted to have just one pot to clean.  Another benefit of one pot meals is that they can be left on warm to be served at your convenience or for a large crowd that is coming and going.

recipe cartoonI have put together a collection of my favorite one pot meals that include all the above benefits plus a bonus.  The bonus is that they are extra healthy because they are low in calories and fat content.  In each recipe I have included the calorie and fat content.  Also included is the serving size.  Many recipes will include the fat and calorie content, but leave out the serving size.  This can be very confusing.

I think you will really like how I have set up my recipes.  First, all the Ingredients are listed that you will need for cooking the meal.  That way you can just take a quick look to see what you may need to add to your grocery list.  Second, I have included all the Prep Work that needs to be done before putting the meal together.  If you want to do the prep work on the weekends, this becomes a no brainer to figure out just what needs to be done to make assembly a quick and easy process.  Lastly, is the Cooking Method.  This helps you realize ahead of time just how long the actual cooking process will take you.    I think you will find this set up will take a lot of stress out of cooking.

email sign up blogAll these one pot meals are made with various methods.  Some are made in a slow cooker or a pressure cooker.  Others are made in a Dutch oven, a pan, or a wok.  I know you will decide to add many of these recipes to your favorites.

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Join me on this adventure of eating delicious meals that are healthy.

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